The Onion must have known it was my last day.

Or they wouldn't have printed this awesome meth article,

Which is both hilarious and sadly accurate. Enjoy, while I enjoy a brewski having finished a month in the bin with the looneys, who I will miss and who I hope will continue to improve through thoroughly effective psychotherapeutic and pharmaceutical intervention.

Talk at ya soon, A


Erica said...

looks like the salt worked... the lord has released you from B6/5... no more countertransferance, transferance, empathy, identification!
I love reading this stuff!
Have a great day Aaron.

Janet Andersen said...

Hey, when I was in graduate school sometimes everyone seemed to be in a sort of looney bin... Mom

aaron, an M3 in Madison said...

True enough, until the real looney bin is seen...we talked about that issue, that we're all a bit looney, and the attending said, 'true', but the folks in the unit had crossed some line into true pathology. It's all a spectrum.