A New Era

This is the first post from a phone I've ever written, and that sure is amazing if you think about it. Of course, the fact that I think it's amazing rather than normal tells you what a dinosaur I really am. Pretty soon my phone will intubate my patients and place central lines while it brews my coffee. Perhaps now I will actually be able to post again, busy as we are on truma. Sorry to all for the layoff.

We sent a lady wothy of buckeye surgeon, another blogger on the sidebar, to the OR today for a small bowel obstruction, and now I get what the surgical emegency is all about. Her belly was like a drum. Fourteen prior surgeries. Tiny little lady with a buddha belly, criss-crossed with scars that she clutched with both hands, fluid pouring out of her NG tube. She would surely be vomiting up a storm without it. I guess those surgeon-type people do some good after all.



Here's a knee-slapper. What if the very Harley that you rode to traumatic brain injury land without a helmet also technically kept you from qualifying for federal insurance to pay for the nursing home you needed? What if it made you 'over assets' because it was so nice on paper, but really was a twisted heap of metal that no one had officially listed as totaled yet?