Best Emergency Medicine Podcasts

In order to survive medical school and residency with children, I've had to be creative, and one of those 'creative' ways of stuffing tidbits like appropriate discordance in a LBBB into my head is through podcasts.

Of course, then my iPod cord gets stuck on the baby seat and so on. But I digress. Here are my picks for the best EM Podcasts, all available through iTunes.

1. University of Iowa Emergency Medicine Podcast. This is a mix of audio and video aimed at both EM MDs and EMS EMTs. Video podcasts are procedural and typically short; I could do with some more explanation but overall these are really interesting.

2. Albany Medical Center EM Podcast, link supplied by podanza.com which I have no knowledge of. Albany also has a series for EMS, These audio EM podcasts are very dense and have great content, especially their EKG lectures.

3. ACEP 'Focus On' Series. The link here is to the ACEP website and the text version, but this is also available through iTunes. These are shorter, usually 15 to 20 minutes, and professionally done by an announcer. I have to give a shout out to Dr. Lutes at MCW as he has two episodes to his credit, and I loved my rotation in Milwaukee and working with him.

There are lots of other podcasts out there, but for my time, the three here are by far the most weighty and the most EM specific.

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