My Pet Peeve

OK, so I can understand when the giant billboard in the side of the road in BFE Nebraska that says 'Abortion Stops a Beating Heart' uses some crazy EKG tracing that looks like V Tach, ironically, but I really can't stand it when people just sort of draw a squiggly line and call it an EKG tracing. And this one is on a book I got in the mail from a resident group. Really? Is that a tracing or not? I suppose perhaps a bit of a widenend QRS with a prominent R wave that might be in one of the precordial leads, but still? No P? And what's that squiggle where the ST segment should be? Is that some transient flutter wave? Gah! Please! Couldn't any med student after the first year draw a decent lead II P-QRS-T? For the love of Pete.

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