At the program I train with, we are required to do EMS ride-alongs, and we have the option to do helicopter medicine. I am all in on the flying, but I learned the most real-world perspective from two or three ride-alongs. EMS folks live in a different world than anyone else. They take the fight to save the patient from themselves into the erstwhile lair of the patient themselves, and all their crack-addled neighbors.

Imagine intubating on the kitchen floor while your partner stomps the roaches to keep them from crawling into your field of view. Or starting an IV in a moving truck.

ER docs do good. But we work as a team. Next time EMS rolls in, whether they've done a banner job or not, I think we should keep in mind where they were and what they do on a daily basis. Coffee's always around for y'all, you do good work.

Why this post? Good new EMS blog here.


April said...

You are right, their job is hard (and usually disgusting!) I'll take my ED's "dirty-ness" any day.

David said...

As a reporter who covered car accidents, and anything else that broke, burned or blew up, for five years, I have many images of EMS folks working with mangled people in the worst of circumstances. Keep that coffee fresh for them.

EE said...

Thanks guy.

If you're interested in doing more ride outs, just ask. I'm sure they'll let you.