The iris is ignored. Unless there is an iridectomy, and irregularity, ophthalmology goes right past the iris after checking for sufficient anterior chamber depth. But I think it's gorgeous. These pictures on the web discuss the beauty of their subjects, but they miss the patent fact that the iris is a thing of beauty in ninety year old veterans, too.

Look at that thing. The texture is wonderful. Irises like Saharan sand-dunes, like kelp in the Pacific. And when you look at it, it moves, contracts, bunches up and then relaxes. Sure, lens, retina, fovea, hemorrhages, optic nerve, blah, blah, blah. But let's not forget the beauty inherent in our patients in or mad rush for pathology.

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agree, the eyes are identical with beauty, with parts of the nervous system and result in synergy with each other the perfect coordination

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